Ladies Alterations

We can actually change your garment’s design to your specifications? Adding sleeves, removing sleeves, changing the bust area, adding sequins, and much more… You name it, we can pretty much do it! (within the limitations of your garment)


Fur Alterations
Leather Alterations
Ladies Suit Alterations
Coat Alterations and Relining
Jacket Alterations and Relining
Dress Alterations|Wedding Dress Alterations
Skirt Alterations
Bridal Alterations
Bridesmaid Dress Alterations
Blouse Alterations
Trouser Alterations
Jeans Alterations
Prom Dress Alterations
Zip Replacement
All kind of Garments Leather/Suede Alterations and Repairs
Fur Coat Alterations and Repairs
Jumpsuit Alterations
Ball Gown Alterations

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